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Square Enix Really Wants You To Play Final Fantasy XIV

By Blitzballer 1386 days ago
Square Enix are trying to entice former players back to their MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. Since launching the game in September 2010 its safe to say that the MMO has not really set the world alight, especially with the ominous presence of World of Warcraft around. The company believe now that, after all the negative and mixed reviews, that they have brought the MMORPG back to the standards that Final Fantasy games should contain. Announcing two new campaigns to bring back former players, ...

New Jobs Revealed For FFXIV

By Blitzballer 2361 days ago
More information and details regarding Final Fantasy XIV reveals a few more jobs and new monster designs for Cactaur, One Eye and Marlboro. Joining previously announced jobs such as Gardener, Swordsmen are Axeman, archer, tailor and martial artist. Tailors would probably fall into the craftsmen category, while archers will use short bows, axemen will wield bhujs and axes and martial artists will use their fists and be able to equip claws. Siliconera have pictures of the new classes and ...

Rumour: Final Fantasy XIV Not So Exclusive After All?

By Blitzballer 2361 days ago
Final Fantasy XIV had been billed as an exclusive MMORPG for the PS3 console but would also launch on Windows PC. However the internet is rife with rumours and some choice comments by Square Enix seem to infer that the exclusivity only refers to the games launch. The producer of the game, Hiromichi Tanaka, had this to say: “During the press conference, the ‘launch timing’ words were cut out of the comments, so the launch timing is going to be exclusive to PlayStat...

GDC 2008: SE To Reveal New MMORPG?

By Blitzballer 2917 days ago
The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is only a week or so away, but that hasnt stopped news and speculation from spreading across the internet about Square Enix. In 2006, SE talked a little about a new MMO being developed by their team, however little else since then has been forthcoming- until now it seems. Some information on Taku Murata’s GDC page briefly mentions how the White Engine “will be used for Final Fantasy XIII, new MMORPG under development, and other titles in th...

Changes ahead for FFXI job classes

By Kruge 3003 days ago
With this year's Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival finally underway, the develop team were on hand to talk about the future of the title, including some very important changes planned for the capabilities and functions of the various job classes in the game.

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