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Square Enix Starting Work On The Next Generation

By Blitzballer 2157 days ago
At the Square Enix company recruit page based in Japan, it seems the company are preparing and commencing work on a new engine for the next generation of game consoles. They use an image of Cloud Strife, which is sure to ignite debate even more surrounding Final Fantasy VII and the Japanese text they use by the image reads: "Seeking the highest level of talent," "New generation game engine development project starts." Square Enix comment that due to the PS3 and the ...

Framerate Problems In The Last Remnant Due To Unreal Engine

By Blitzballer 2183 days ago
The Last Remnant was released for Xbox 360 and later the PC, but noticeable throughout the gameplay, in the Xbox 3600 version, were framerate issues and problems. Square Enix have spoken today about said issues and seem to pinpoint the cause on the mishandling and usage of the Unreal Engine used for the game: “One of the traps with middleware is that some game teams believe that, because they got this middleware, maybe they need less programmers on their team, or maybe they donâ€...

Square Enix Admit To Faking Screenshots Of Final Fantasy XIII

By Blitzballer 2186 days ago
There has been a lot of debate recently regarding Final Fantasy XIII, after some screenshots appeared in the website Kotaku. The said screenshots were quickly realised to be altered by many of the commentators on the website, as the parity shown between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were identical. It was found that the LB Xbox 360 button had been shopped on top of the L1 PS3 button in the screenshots. New images will be shown soon apparently, but the batch that were released to sites s...

Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Videos

By Blitzballer 2189 days ago
IGN website have a number of videos of Final Fantasy XIII, dealing with all manner of elements to do with the game. The videos are for the Xbox 360 version of the game. The videos contain a look at the mechanics of the combat and battle system, an interview with the developer of the game, a few single player gameplay videos too. If you look at a few gaming sites, it seems that an embargo has been lifted, allowing journalists to post their impressions of hands on experiences with the game: ...

The Linear Nature Of Final Fantasy XIII Explained

By Blitzballer 2198 days ago
One of the negative opinions that has been expressed by Japanese gamers, and those that have played the Asian version of Final Fantasy XIII, is that the game seems to be quite linear for most of the playing time up until a certain point anyway. The director of the game, Motomu Toriyama, has been explaining the reasons as to why the game is like this: “We made the map and battles function as part of the story, so that players get the same feeling as the characters. To achieve this, we...

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