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Wings of the Goddess FFXI Expansion Details

By Blitzballer 3133 days ago
Details have emerged from E3 regarding the new expansion for Final Fantasy XI. A discussion was held at E3 and RPGamer were one of the few people who sat down with the makers of it. Outlined are the details for you: The expansion will include 30 new areas, new monsters and jobs. Regarding content, 70% will be aimed at experienced players and there will be new things to appeal to new gamers apparently as well. The Merits system will be expanded but not tied to the expansion The expan...

Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings 2 On The Way?

By Blitzballer 3205 days ago
Due to its overwhelming success in Japan in its first week, an in interview taken with the Japanese website Mantan Web, the scenario writer, Motomu Toriyama of Revenant Wings has declared interest in making a sequel to the game. However he didnt add anything furthur or concrete. In other news Final Fantasy III which is available on the DS was apparently originally being developed for the PS2 but because "Nintendo wanted it on their new console [The DS]" SE's plans changed, acco...

FFXII Revenant Wings: Images and Video

By Blitzballer 3218 days ago
The spinoff to the succesful Final Fantasy XII, Revenant Wings, has a lot of media such as images, videos and scans floating about the internet. Today is no different as SE reveals more concerning gameplay and the like. Theres a few choice images below for you courtesy of Jeux France. You can find more by clicking on the source link. Also heres a link to a new video from SEs site: Source: [url=http://www.jeux-france.com/news19986_ffxii-revenant-wings-images-et-video.html]Jeux France

First Reviews of FFXII: RW Hit Japan

By Blitzballer 3222 days ago
The DS seems to be getting quite a lot of love from developers regarding new games and Revenant Wings is garnering a lot of interest from both sides of the pond. News today that Dengeki and Famitsu (Who else?), via IGN, have the first reviews of the Japanese edition of the game. Below are some choice comments for you. Three editors from the six strong review staff shared scores and opinions on the game. Click on the source link for more: Misawa, a super hardcore gamer who likes western games,...

New Revenant Wings Trailer and Images

By Blitzballer 3261 days ago
It seems every Friday Square Enix release yet another trailer regarding the FFXII spinoff, Revenant Wings. In this new Trailer you can see a winged Judge among other things, plus here are a few scans for you to look over! By the time this comes out, we probably would have seen everything this game has to offer! Source: Jeux France

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