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Infinite Undiscovery Released In America

By Blitzballer 2716 days ago
Square Enix have announced that their exclusive Xbox360 title, Infinite Undiscovery, has been released in America- September 2nd. Europeans can get ahold of the game on September 5th and Japanese on the 11th of September. The game, from Square Enix and Tri Ace, centres on a young man named Capell, who is mistaken for a hero named Sigmund and captured by the nefarious Order of Chains. The Order are threatening the existence of the moon and the world itself. Gamersyde have uploaded the first...

Infinite Undiscovery Videos

By Blitzballer 2733 days ago
A couple of videos have surfaced on the website Gametrailers featuring gameplay, battles and some story of Infinite Undiscovery. The game is being released exclusively for Xbox 360 and being developed by tri-Ace. Square Enix are hoping to release the game in all three regions simultaneously, which may become the norm for games in the future. The unusual title also refers to how decisions the player will make and how it may impact upon the world and various situations. View the vids at ...

Infinite Undiscovery New Images

By Blitzballer 2772 days ago
Images seem to be released weekly for this upcoming game from Square Enix, exclusively for the Xbox360 and being developed by Tri Ace. The makers of the game are at pains to point out that the real world that the player will inhabit will be affected by the decisions you make. According to Worthplaying, parties can be assembled from 18 characters- where choosing the right combination of characters could well be key to winning the varying episodic situational battles. Check the images bel...

More Infinite Undiscovery Images

By Blitzballer 2807 days ago
Those of you interested in Infinite Undiscovery will be pleased to know that Square Enix have updated the official Japanese site with many images. Some may have been seen before, but there are also some new images to impress you as well. The game is an Xbox 360 exclusive and decisions the player makes in the world will have consequences on the events that will occur, according to the makers of the game. Are you among the people who are looking forward to the game, or for some reason wan...

Infinite Undiscovery Dated

By Blitzballer 2819 days ago
Square Enix have announced the date for Infinite Undiscovery to be released exclusively for Xbox 360. It will be a worldwide release on September 2nd for those of you eagerly awaiting the game. The game seems to operate under the adage of 'every action creates a reaction' as the actions of the player will greatly impact upon the events and what unfolds within the game. The player will take on the role of a young boy called Capel, who undertakes the task of saving the world fro...

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