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Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Roundup

By Blitzballer 3203 days ago
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix is eagerly anticipated by many, who hope that Square Enix do what they didnt with the original- bring the Final Mix game outside Japan to America and Europe. There has many images, scans, videos and information that has surfaced on the internet over the months and Kingdom Hearts Insider have wrapped it up in one neat little package which you can read below, concerning gameplay changes etc in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. The information for this came from a mem...

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Images

By Blitzballer 3255 days ago
Once again, Jeux France have obtained images, scans and details regarding Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix courtesy of the Japanese magazine Famitsu. Most of the details are in regard of the various new minigames such as Vegetable Panic found in the 3d version of Chain of Memories. Other minigames announced are Balloon Glider and Tigger Jump A Tuna. Some of the images you can see below or click on the link for more of them. Source: Jeux France

KH2: FM Jump Scan

By Blitzballer 3269 days ago
A scan from the next issue of Jump magazine has found its way onto the net, courtesy of the website KH-2.net. The scan shows the battle between Sora and Axel in KH2: FM plus also a new minigame where Sora hits..er..various vegetables in the Winnie the Pooh section of the reworking of Chain of Memories. The minigame is called Vegetable Panic apparently. Click on the link for the scan as uploading seems to be a problem! KH-2.net

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Japanese Magazine Images

By Blitzballer 3277 days ago
Images seem to be coming almost every day of Kingdom Hearts 2 : Final Mix and today seems no different. From Japanese magazines, via Jeux France, come the latest batch of scans, images etc for your perusal some from the remake of Chain of Memories and of course KH2: Source: Jeux-France

Kingdom Hearts 2: FM Axel and Roxas Image

By Blitzballer 3278 days ago
KHExtreme have gotten hold of an image of Axel and Roxas sitting on the Twilight Town Clock Tower, which was of course the place where Roxas, Hayner and co would usually sit and eat Sea Salt Ice cream. The scan is from an upcoming issue of V Jump- below is a (partial?) transcript of what Roxas and Axel say to each other: *Roxas (with sea salt ice cream) walks out to the ledge and sits down* Axel: So you've finally awakened. *Axel appears Roxas: Axel... Axel: No... It might not have be...

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