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TGS: IGN Impressions of the Square Enix Theatre

By Blitzballer 2680 days ago
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Those lucky few people who are gracing the floors of the Tokyo Game Show as we work, rest and play, have been posting their thoughts of certain things shown at the event.

IGN are there and have observed trailers and the like at the Square Enix Theatre. Posted below are the thoughts and impressions they came away from it:

Dragon Quest IX for the DS-The trailer began with an animated scene of a large object falling to earth. Cut to the lead character and his friends battling a large dragon in a cave. Our hero's companions each took turns powering him up as he ran towards the beast. Then the character customization tools were demonstrated. Clothing and items can be dragged onto your characters with the stylus, and there appears to be a wide variety of options.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon- The trailer showed many of the same cut scenes from the home version, but some extra content has been added. We can now play as Chocobo's sidekick Cid, who was an NPC the first time around

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time- The game is coming to both Wii and DS and will apparently use some sort of connectivity between the two systems. It looks like four players will be able to go on co-op missions together. Several boss fights were shown, and although the enemies were large they were still presented in a cute art style

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