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Square Enix Working On Scarygirl

By Blitzballer 1507 days ago
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Square Enix havent announced Scarygirl yet, but due to the Australian Classification Board and the ESRB description, we know what it will be about.

Itll be a platformer, where you will use a tentacle like whip as a weapon.

The ESRB description:

This is an adventure platformer in which players assume the role of Scarygirl, a pirate-like character searching for the mysterious Dr. Maybee. As players run and jump through colorful levels, they use a tentacle to whip, juggle, and throw “cartoony” foes (e.g., owls, giant robots, bandits) to the ground; enemies blink and disappear amid colorful puffs of smoke when defeated. Boss battles are more frenetic: Scary girl dodges oversized missiles and fights multiple enemies at once. During the course of the game, some enemies are depicted smoking from pipes.

The game will come to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC


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By: V

On: 07:11 Dec 23rd, 2011
This sounds terrible. Maybe it'll be a decent game (although Square Enix don't have much experience making platformers so I'm not holding my breath) but the concept just sounds really bad.

By: Ragnarok

On: 06:12 Dec 27th, 2011
The +10 rate is not an accurate indicator... These people have made many wonderful works in the past, let's give'em the benefit of the doubt :wacko:

By: MeLiNa

On: 05:03 Dec 29th, 2011
i like these kind of games instead of the battle gun types

By: Ragnarok

On: 10:45 Jan 2nd, 2012
Not every game should be a contribution to the gaming world... But it's nice when it has something different to offer other than a standard gameplay with new characters... I believe that's something we expect also for the FF series.

By: MeLiNa

On: 08:23 Jan 3rd, 2012
yeah i agree to that for ff
but for the scary girl i mean its be'en along since they use to make platformer games

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