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Dissidia: Universal Tuning Announced For Japan

By Blitzballer 2368 days ago
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For fans of Square Enix, and notably, its Kingdom Hearts franchise, this news will not come as a surprise.

Dissidia: Universal Tuning is basically a Final Mix of the game, whereby Square Enix port the improved US version of the game back to Japan with extras on the side too.

The interesting thing to note is that the game will include English voice acting and One Last Continue speculate that there may even be a hidden trailer for a sequel, as is the norm for the Final Mix games.

November 1st is when the game will be released in Japan and you have to wonder why Square Enix would announce this game a few weeks before the US release of the original- which seems to be an inferior version of Dissidia if the details regarding Universal Tuning are to be believed.

One Last Continue

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