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Final Fantasy XIII shoved deep into 2008

By Kionae 3186 days ago
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Not that it's really shocking news or anything... but I suppose official announcements of things we already expected to hear count for something. Square Enix president Yoichi Wada has confirmed Final Fantasy XIII will not be release until sometime after the end of the fiscal year. At the very EARLIEST, that means spring of 2008... most likely later than that. In Japan. God only knows when everyone else will get their hands on it.

Specifically, Wada stated: "It will still take a bit more time. At the very least [a release] this fiscal year is definitely out of the question."

It is assumed that the other titles in the Fabula Nova Crystallis project will likewise see a release sometime later in 2008.

Source: IGN, via GamePro

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By: FallenKnight

On: 05:40 May 23rd, 2007
yes i just heard about this from my friend and DAMN that sucks but now i dont have to worry about not getting FF13 now i have more time to SAVE up for it

By: Blitzballer

On: 09:01 May 23rd, 2007
As you say, its not really that unexpected. Hopefully itll give SE time to deliver.

By: Ivalice_Got_Pwned

On: 10:27 Jun 10th, 2007
like Blitz said, I hope SE puts a fricken crap load of time into it if we're not gonna see it for a year. hopefully NA will get FF 13 sometime soon (thats a month or 2) after JP gets their. someone learn japanese and translate the voices for us.

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