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Chocobo Breeding Guide

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Introduction to Chocobo Breeding 101
Once you have reached disk 2, you can begin chocobo breeding. The benefit of chocobo breeding is many. You can get loads of GP, special materia, and several other bonuses. Please noe that chocobo breeding is taxing on the gil, so make sure you have lots. Or you can train and win gil in between breeding. Additionally, you have the opportunity to raise special chocobos that can cross certain terrains that normal chocobos cannot. Chocobo breeding is the only way to get the coveted Knights of the Round materia. To begin breeding, go to the Chocobo Ranch and talk to the old man in the house, and he will rent out a maximum of six stables to you for 30000 gil each.

The Basics

Normally, you can catch chocobos and ride on them, but when you get off of them, they'll run away. This time, however, you have the option of returning them to the ranch so that you can keep them.

You will only be able to keep them if you have rented a stable. The ones that you have caught but haven't placed in a stable will appear in the fence just outside the ranch. You may catch up to four of them and keep them in that fence at the same time. To put a chocobo in a stable, talk to Chocobo Billy and choose "Moving Chocobos". He'll tell you what kind of chocobo you caught. If you choose to keep it, you will also learn the gender of your chocobo and name it. You can now use your chocobo for racing, or you can simply just ride it.

To raise its stamina, speed and intelligence, you need to feed it greens. You can buy these from Chocobo Billy or from Chocobo Sage. You may also find some from enemies. To feed a chocobo, talk to Chocobo Billy and choose "Feeding Chocobos". Raising stats will help you win chocobo races more easily.

If you have two chocobos of opposite genders, a nut and an additional empty stable, you can breed chocobos. Talk to Chocobo Billy and choose the option to mate chocobos. If the chocobos you have chosen have just mated recently or were just born, you will not be able to mate them. To kill some time, go outside and train for gil (because you'll need it), and come back later.

Feeding a Chocobo

You can feed your chocobo several different kinds of greens, in addition to using them. Feeding greens will increase your chocobo's stamina, intelligence or speed. Some greens will raise some stats more than others, and other greens will raise all of your chocobo's stats.

You can buy most of the greens from Chocobo Billy, but you will find the best (and most expensive) greens from Chocobo Sage (see the Special Chocobos section on where to find him). The best green that raises all stats is the Sylkis Greens for a whooping 5000gil. This is partly what makes chocobo breeding so expensive. You can normally feed your chocobos more than once, but after you feed them enough, their stats will stop increasing.

Catching a Chocobo

You need a Chocobo Lure to catch a chocobo, and at higher levels, it's more successful. Your luck stat may also influence your chance of catching a chocobo.

Unless you can kill all the enemies in one turn without attacking all the enemies simultaneously, you will need greens to prevent the chocobo from running away. Some greens work better than others. If you attack it while it's eating or not, it will attack and run away. If you destroy all the enemies before the chocobo runs away, you will have caught it.

In terms of breeding, the kind of chocobo you get depends on the area in which you find it. Most of the chocobos around the Chocobo Ranch are poor and weak. You will find good and average chocobos around the Gold Saucer area, and wonderful and weak chocobos around the Glacier area. You will find great and fair chocobos in the Mideel area. The kind of chocobo you get also depends on the enemies you find the chocobo with. For example, you will only find a good chocobo in the Gold Saucer area with Spencers, but you will find only average chocobos with Harpies and Flapbeats.

Mating a Chocobo

You need a few requirements to mate chocobos. These include:
  • an empty stable
  • two chocobos of opposite genders
  • the chocobos you intend to mate must not have been mated or born for awhile
  • a nut
The chocobo that is born will be randomly assigned a gender, and will have stats that are a hybrid between the two chocobos you mate. So the higher the stats your mating chocobos have, the higher the stats your bred chocobos will have. Mating is the only way to obtain the four special chocobos.


It is recommended that you buy a gold pass, even though it's expensive because you'll be returning to the Gold Saucer for the races quite often. To race a chocobo, you must have a chocobo in your stable. In the Chocobo Racing arena, talk to Ester in the corner and choose the chocobo and track that you want to register in.

Generally, you should go for the short track if your chocobo has a high sprint speed, and the long one if your chocobo has good stamina. You can use your stats to your advantage over the other racers. Your chocobo also has one of four ranks. All chocobos that you get start off at C rank, which is the lowest, followed by B rank, A rank and S rank. You need to race three times and win to reach the next rank.

It doesn't matter whether you choose the long track or the short one. The screen just before the race is probably the only way to see your chocobo's actual stats, although you still won't be able to determine the chocobo's intelligence before the race. Additionally, you can compare your chocobo's stats by speaking to Chole after talking to Chocobo Sage.

During the race, you can either choose to control the chocobo's speed manually, or let the chocobo move on its own. Generally, a chocobo with higher intelligence will move around better and have more patience, so you can usually leave the controls on "Auto". However, chocobos with low intelligence will often not pace themselves and run out of stamina too quickly. You'll need to switch to "Manual" for those ones.

Additionally, there's a cheap trick that involves holding down the R1 and R2 buttons simultaneously, which regenerates your chocobo's stamina slowly. This way, you can actually have your chocobo going at or near top speed throughout the whole race (not the circle button though).

Note that there's also a waterfall section of the long track which slows down your chocobos. If you have a mountain, mountain and river or gold chocobo, they will not slow down there. You can usually make it across the finish line without having to sprint before the other chocobos, or if your chocobo just has low stats.

Occasionally, you may see a black chocobo called TEIOH which has stats that are always higher than yours. It will appear anywhere from any B rank to S rank race, though more commonly in the latter. However, TEIOH is defeatable. Since TEIOH is a mountain and river chocobo, it will not slow down at the waterfall in the long track. It would be wiser to use your mountain, mountain and river or gold chocobo against him so you won't slow down as well. To beat him, you'll often have to be going at top speed most of the time, and get a good head start by moving away from the clutter of chocobos at the beginning of the race. A chocobo that's good for this is a chocobo with high intelligence stats. If you win against TEIOH several times in the S rank races, you'll win a bunch of items, including the Chocobracelet, Cat's Bell and Precious Watch.

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Special Chocobos

You may obtain special chocobos through breeding. To find out how, fly in the airship over the Glacier Area, and look for a house surrounded by mountains. Land there and go inside. You will find a green chocobo and Chocobo Sage. Talk to him, and he will mention the gold chocobo. He won't tell you everything right away, but if you keep coming back to him later, he will remember everything. Additionally, you may buy special greens from him, but they're very expensive. After you talk to Chocobo Sage, you may also talk to Chole (the girl in the ranch), and she will record Chocobo Sage's instructions for you so that you may look at them later.

In order to get the gold chocobo, you will need to breed three other special chocobos first. The first two are the river and mountain chocobos. A mountain chocobo can cross any terrain on land, and a river chocobo can cross any shallow body of water (appears light blue or dark blue for rivers). To get them, you will need a great chocobo and a good chocobo.

To get the good chocobo, find a chocobo with Spencers in the Gold Saucer area. To find a great chocobo, go to the Mideel area, and find a chocobo with Spiral enemies. You may raise your chocobo's stats if you would like, or race them. But you will also need the Carob Nut, which you can win at the Gold Saucer for a load of GP, or you can fight Vladorakos and steal one from it. You will need three of those in the end.

Once you are satisfied with your chocobo's stats, save your game and then mate them with a Carob Nut. You will usually get either a mountain or river chocobo. If you do not get either of them, reset the game and mate them again. This will save you the time the chocobos are not allowed to breed.

At this point, it doesn't matter which chocobo you get, or which gender it is. You may go ahead and train it or its parents, feed it some greens, train, etc. After awhile, breed the two original chocobos again with the same nut. Save again. Now make sure that the chocobo you get is the opposite gender of the first chocobo you got, and if your first chocobo was a mountain chocobo, this one has to be a river chocobo, or if your first was a river chocobo, this one has to be a mountain chocobo. If not, reset the game and try again. This is probably the most frustrating part of chocobo breeding.

Now train, kill some time, etc. again, and save your game. This time, you will be breeding the mountain and river chocobos with the Carob Nut. That's why they had to be opposite genders. You should get a mountain and river chocobo (black). This chocobo has the abilities of both the mountain chocobo and the river chocobo.

For the gold chocobo, you will now need a wonderful chocobo of the opposite gender of your mountain and river chocobo, but you will only have one stable left if you kept all the original parents. Kick out one of the chocobos except the mountain and river chocobo to make room for the new chocobos.

To get the wonderful chocobo, find a chocobo in the Glacier area with Jumping enemies. Once you have found the right one (and raced or raised its stats to kill time), save your game and mate the wonderful chocobo with your mountain and river chocobo.

You should get a gold chocobo this time. It does not matter what gender it is. By now, your gold chocobo should have pretty decent stats. The gold chocobo can cross any terrain, whether it's the ocean or through the desert in the Gold Saucer area.