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Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children - The Story

Final Fantasy 7Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children begins two years after the Meteor Crisis, the people of Gaia struggle to keep the fragile peace that has descended upon their world and rebuild their lives. But the outbreak of a deadly disease, the appearance of three new enemies, and the reluctance of one hero, haunted by the memories of those he couldn't save may destroy what little hope the people have. Is it for the Advent Children, for a Memory, or for Himself?

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children - About the Movie

advent childThe Advent Children movie is the direct-to-DVD/UMD sequel to the vastly popular Final Fantasy 7. By all rights, it is Cloud's story, and is meant to bring him closure and peace. Through his eyes, we see his guilt, his hesitation, and finally, his smile. The Advent Children Movie is a mixture of stunning CG mastery, beautiful original music, and non-stop action. Nobuo Uematsu returns to the Final Fantasy world as composer for the film's score, and Tetsuya Nomura directs.